Flavored Fresh Milk

Looking for a healthy snack, yet super delicious and yummy? 

Enjoy our all-natural flavoured camel milk made with Camelicious tasty camel milk and different natural syrups that we promise you would never get bored of. The perfect way to recharge your body after a workout or boost your energy after a long day at school or work.

Camelicious flavoured camel milk ensures you an extraordinary mix of the marvellous taste of Camelicious camel milk and several flavours that get more addictive with each sip. Each bottle of Camelicious flavoured camel milk offers you multiple healthy fats like linoleic acid and unsaturated fatty acids along with lactoferrin and immunoglobulins that have antioxidant and immune-boosting properties. 

Camelicious flavoured camel milk is 100% hormone-free with no added sugar and comes with 4 different flavours: 

- Camelicious Saffron camel milk: For challengers, where natural saffron spice blends smoothly with premium Camelicious camel milk giving you a complex nuanced flavour that you've never tasted before. 

- Camelicious Strawberry camel milk: For fruit fans, where strawberry syrup and Camelicious camel milk are mixed homogeneously producing a super strawberry explosion.

- Camelicious Chocolate camel milk: For children, where cocoa meets Camelicious camel milk as earth meets heaven in an extremely sweet and sour taste! 

- Camelicious Date camel milk: For healthy monsters, where dates are added to Camelicious camel milk for a taste that takes your workout to the next level. 

Available in 250 ml bottles with no additives.

A must-try with a smoothie, a protein shake, or a home recipe!

Flavored Fresh Milk

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