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UAE firm exports camel milk products to EU

UAE firm exports camel milk products to EU

It has become the first Middle Eastern company to export camel milk products to the EU, following its official listing on the website of the Directorate General for Health and Consumer Protection of the European Commission (SANCO). Camel milk powder, fresh milk and camel whey powder were the first products shipped to Europe.

Mutasher Al Badry, deputy general manager and business development manager at EICMP, said the company was very proud to be the first UAE-based firm to ship camel milk powder to Europe on the new permit.

“We are thrilled to see our products on the European market. This is a ground-breaking step for our company as well as for the camel milk industry in the UAE,” he added.

EICMP had been listed in the section for third country establishments of Section IX, raw milk and dairy products, under the UAE section entitling the company to officially export camel milk and camel milk products to all of the 27 member countries of the EU in June 2013.

Focus on B2B market

The first camel milk products were sent to potential business partners of Camelicious in the Netherlands and Denmark. EICMP is focusing on the B2B market in Europe, working to establish further business ties with European companies and exploring additional fields of usage for camel milk. Its main targets are companies in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic field as well as sport and nutritional supplements.

The launch of medical creams and applications for skin conditions such as acne developed in co-operation with a Jordanian bio-tech centre and a US-based pharmaceutical company is expected to take place in the near future.

The first container export of Camelicious’ camel milk powder will be shipped by the sister company Al Nassma Chocolate LLC to Austria for production of its first camel milk chocolate.
In March this year, following a five-year process issuing and amending regulations and guidelines to comply with those of the EU Commission, Dubai received EU permission to export camel milk and camel milk products to the EU.