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UAE camel milk producer to target new markets

UAE camel milk producer to target new markets

Dubai-based Emirates Industry for Camel Milk & Products (EICMP), the holding company for Camelicious, with sister companies The Majlis Dubai and Al Nassma Chocolates, is taking its camel milk products to Europe and is planning to develop these across a new range of sectors including beauty and health.

With the UAE becoming the first Middle Eastern country to secure approval from the EU to export its camel milk products in March 2013, camel milk powder, fresh milk and camel whey powder are now arriving in Europe

In an interview with Caterer Middle East, EICMP's deputy GM Mutasher Al Badry said: "Globally there seems to be a growing demand for pure and natural premium products, and we truly believe in the potential of camel milk."

EICMP gets the ingredient from the world's first fully integrated camel milk production facility, which houses 3,000 camels and produces around 5,000 litres per day. Al Badry added: "We are pioneers in our field; from breeding, camel milk production and product development, to research related to camels and the discovery of potential uses of camel milk."

The company is also focusing on the B2B market in Europe to explore additional fields of usage for camel milk, including in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic field as well as sport and nutritional supplements.

According to Al Badry, studies have proved that camel milk has positive effects on patients with Diabetes Type II, Hepatitis and auto-immune diseases. It is shown to be rich in vitamin C, unsaturated fatty acids, lanolin and minerals such as calcium. "The first shipments of camel milk powder, camel whey powder and smaller quantities of fresh camel milk to Europe are currently being used for sampling and research purposes, and we are confident that in co-operation with partners we will be able to develop supreme products in these new fields," he added.

Al Nassma Chocolate’s (sister company of EICMP) GM Martin van Almsick, said he is confident that the camel milk industry will steadily grow in size in the UAE. "The response to our camel milk chocolate is consistently positive. People love the smooth and silky taste with a hint of saltiness; sales is steadily growing, and so is the fan base. We are already present in Europe in leading gourmet houses in Austria and Paris." Al Nassma has reported a 100% growth in sales over the last 12 months alone, in co-operation with various retailers.

While the current focus of EICMP is Europe, other markets such as the US, South East Asia and Australia are also of increasing interest. "In the long run we are determined to build a strong and sustainable camel milk industry here in the UAE," added Al Badry.