Would you drink camel milk?

Would you drink camel milk?

Would you drink camel milk?

Would you switch to drinking camel milk? Australia's growing number of camel farmers are hoping to persuade you.

According to BBC:

It's not unusual for the owners of a small, close-knit business to treat their workers as an extension of their family.

Of course those members of staff aren't usually of the four-legged, one-humped variety.

Lauren Brisbane is the owner of QCamel, Australia's only certified organic commercial camel milk dairy.

Camel milk production has become one of Australia's emerging agricultural industries, as demand for the product grows both locally and internationally. However, Lauren says her family-owned and run operation isn't driven by commercial influences - it's motivated by love.

"We have a different philosophy in how we run our dairy," she says of the Queensland-based farm.


image captionLauren Brisbane is evangelical about camels and their milk

"It is paramount when running a happy and healthy camel dairy to really understand and respect the camels. We see them as our family members and fellow members of staff, rather than just stock or machinery.

"They're like people, they've all got a different personality. They're gentle souls, kind and loving, and just so intelligent. You can sit and talk to them about what's going on, and they completely understand.


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